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Today in Strange Capsule Collections: Tinc by the Former JT Leroy

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[Images via Tinc]

Remember J.T. Leroy, the transgender truck-stop hustler turned highly acclaimed author who was exposed a few years ago as a hoax? Leroy's stories were written by a San Francisco woman named Laura Albert, but in public appearances, he was played by Albert's sister-in-law, Savannah Knoop. Today, British blogger Catwalk Queen draws our attention to the fact that Knoop, oddly enough, is now a designer. Her line, Tinc, takes a minimalist and very green approach, using local labor and environmentally-friendly fabrics to create simple, androgynous looks. Knoop neither denies nor exploits her crazy backstory for the benefit of the line, merely saying in her online bio: "Her work is also influenced by her years acting in public as the boy author, J.T. Leroy. Many of Savannah’s designs playfully explore gender and how clothes define the self." As celebrity collections go, it's a whole lot classier than Heidiwood.
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