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In the Window: Diesel Takes a Little Off the Top

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Now that it's been a healthy month since Diesel released it's cheap "Dirty 30" jeans to lines of eager consumers, the Diesel Union Square store has returned to its regular schedule of theatric window displays. Thankfully, they haven't gone the Christmas route yet and so this classy barbershop theme anchors Union Square for now.

The whole set-up is clever; they managed to source everything from a vintage hair dryer chair to a tattered copy of retro Playboy, all the while taking denim back to its strictly blue-collar days. We do have one particularly creepy issue with it, however: despite all the talk of hairdos and the fake hair clippings on the floor, the heads of all the mannequins have been removed. Looks as though Diesel took the Sweeney Todd route with this display.
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