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Relocations: Lolli by Reincarnation Heads West

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Lolli's new location?

A Racked reader emailed us yesterday to inquire about LES handbag and vintage boutique Lolli by Reincarnation, which is now closed. The message:

Does anyone know where Lolli by Reincarnation, formerly of 85 Stanton Street, has gone? To be more specific, are there others out there who never received their custom bags and clothes before the store apparently disappeared last week? The old storefront is all locked up. The old telephone number is disconnected. I know this is not exactly up the alley of, but if it counts for anything, it's the first place I thought to turn to. Naturally, the Better Business Bureau is next.
Don't be too alarmed—from what we've heard via Lolli's email blasts, the store is simply relocating to Nolita.

From their last newsletter: "We will be closed until we complete our final renovations at our new location. It will be ready in December. Just a few blocks away on Mott and Spring." They don't pinpoint the address, but from a trip round the area we've decided that Lolli must be replacing Kinnu, a boutique that specializes in brightly-colored cotton and silk womenswear at 43 Spring Street. If you're waiting on a handbag or clothing, however, we'd advise emailing them—who knows how long it will take until the new store is up and running.
· Lolli by Reincarnation [Official Site]