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Stroller Wars: Marc Jacobs Designs a Bugaboo

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Pity the poor parents who bought Juicy Couture strollers for their kids last month. They're about to be totally outdone by whoever gets their hands on the new, limited-edition Marc Jacobs Bugaboo. At $1500, the MJ stroller costs over three times the price of the one from Juicy, and it's much harder to find. The parenting blog Daddy Types details: "There are 15 of them. Starting Nov. 26th, four will be at Colette in Paris; Selfridge's and London and the Marc Jacobs boutique in Dubai get two apiece; One will be for sale in Amsterdam. And six will be for sale at Marc Jacobs NY. Which has to be a trick, because there are six Marc Jacobs stores on Bleecker St alone." The strollers, above, come in sleek, unbabyish black.

UPDATE: We were excited to witness the madness when the strollers go on sale Wednesday, but it turns out that a) they're being sold through the Marc Jacobs showroom, b) you can order them in advance, and c) already only three are left. Lame! Should you desire an MJ stroller passionately but not enough to actually leave the house, you can always call Little Marc at (212-206-6644) and have it shipped.
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