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Now Open: Tommy Guns Salon Joins Pimps & Pinups on the L.E.S.

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Six weeks ago, the London salon Pimps and Pinups opened an outpost at 103 Stanton on the corner of Ludlow. Today, the London salon Tommy Guns opens an outpost at 138 Ludlow, about half a block away, in the former home of wedding gown shop Mary Adams the Dress. Like its neighbor, Tommy Guns also has a vintagey, underworld theme, but instead of ladies of the night and their business managers, the inspiration is gangsters and molls. The vibe is masculine, but they offer women's cuts as well as men's.

As we mentioned, the salon first opened its doors today, but that didn't stop someone from reviewing it on Yelp over three weeks ago. From the independent, totally non-salon-affiliated reviewer: "Tommy Guns lower east side has replicated the vintage design of the original soho salon in london england, formed in 1994. The design, drawing on the feel of a traditional barbers, adds to the indulgence of the haircutting experience." Really, Tommy Guns? Really? Then again, we suppose gangsters can never be trusted.
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