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Now Open: 7 For All Mankind's Bit of Bleecker

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That was fast; it's only been less than a month since Bleecker boutique Miquelina shuttered and now, in its place, we have a fully-operational 7 For All Mankind store. As the city's second 7 after their other fresh spot on West Broadway in Soho, the Bleecker outpost seeks to be a little more clean and mature.

Of course it's plain to see that they flipped the space so quickly because of anticipated holiday sales, which means neighbor Black Fleece could learn a thing or two from them (we peeked in at BF only to find blank walls yet again). Since Miguelina only survived a year and a half at this address, now is the time to place bets on 7. We give them two years, tops, until premium denim once again washes out.