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The Case of the Store-Closings Email Hoax

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Maybe you've seen the e-mail forward about store closings making its way around the internet. It lists a number of chain stores—among them Circuit City, Ann Taylor, and Foot Locker—which are purportedly closing their doors, and warns readers not to buy any gift cards this year because "if the business goes under, the card will be no good, and that will just be money down the drain." As both Snopes and today's WWD explain, some of the information in the e-mail is about as useful and accurate as the news in any other e-mail forward, meaning not remotely. Some of it, however, is based on reports that were true, just old (e.g. the Circuit City closings.) We know: As hoax-busting goes, this isn't a very satisfying conclusion. If you do want the full analysis of which stores are shutting down, head over to Snopes.
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