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Lineblogging: Bulgari Leaves No One Out in the Cold

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An awesomely dedicated tipster e-mailed us this morning from the Bulgari sale at the Soiffer Haskin showroom at 317 W. 33rd Street and Eighth Ave. "I'm inside. People were here at 7am. With the cold weather, Bulgari had the foresight to have people wait inside the building for the sample sale. Not sure what floor it's on but I'm pretty sure the line wraps up each staircase. Anticipating a 1 hour wait." We'll keep you updated as things develop.

UPDATE, 10:00am: "Still in line. It's getting longer and hardly anyone is leaving. Those that are all have shopping bags."

10:11am: "Here's a shot of the line wrapping up 3 flights of stairs. Some crazy guy wearing Cartier frames got in the shot too."

10:30am: I'm in! Men's watches are 60% off.

10:51am: Bags are 70% off.

12:52am: In line to cash out now with wait time at least 30 minutes. Some nice rings with stones (even diamonds) are as low as $500 and some earrings with pearls and diamonds are as much as $2000. Perfume sets start at 20 bucks! Good for holiday gifts. If you have money to spend it's worth it.