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Merry Monochromatic Christmas from Urban Outfitters

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You know it's holiday shopping time when Urban Outfitters stocks more velvet Jesus statues than usual. So heading down to the lower, gifty level of the UO on 14th Street and Sixth Avenue, we truly expected an extravaganza of similar ironic iconography. Instead, Urban has decided that this year's holiday theme will be old junk, and all of it stapled to the wall in monochromatic fashion.

Of course they haven't forgotten to include the big sellers amongst all the odd tools and obscure cultural artifacts; there are plenty shutter-shades, donut ornaments and Lomography cameras to sustain the scroogiest of hipsters. Apparently they've even been checking our list twice, because one can never have too many caulking guns or plastic spoons. And with a Christmas like this one, those items may end up the best sellers.
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