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Kate Speaks! Everyone's Favorite Stylista Contestant Thinks She Makes Great TV

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[Image via The CW]

With Stylista, Elle magazine has pioneered a new form of reality show cruelty: Forcing its contestants to blog about being on the show now that the competition is over. These blog posts all purport to be completely honest, candid, from-the-heart assessments of the blogger's experience being crushed and humiliated by the very magazine that's publishing them. It's twisted, and fascinating, and the most twisted and fascinating post of them all is the one just published by Kate, otherwise known as Boobs, who's quickly emerged as the contestant TV viewers love to hate.

Kate's post begins "Luck isn't what got me this opportunity—and neither are my boobs" and only gets better. For one thing, she tries to convince us that "What you see on television is a 100% accurate depiction of me and the entire cast." Reality TV: It's real! She also claims to have amazing chemistry with judge and Elle editor Anne Slowey, and tosses out some amazing mash-ups of TV and chick lit cliches.

If throwing people "under the bus" is synonymous with accountability, then count me in. I'm going to develop some seriously killer triceps in life from lifting up liars and tossing them underneath a double-decker bus, driven by a woman looking hot in Louboutins.
Our favorite two lines, though, come at the very end (after only about 1000 words of recap.) We quote: "I enrolled in law school to be an actress and I came to New York to be myself. Sometimes, the talented ones are a little hard to understand at first." That they are.
· I make amazing TV [Elle]