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Lineblogging: A Piping Hot Cup of Steven Alan on a Cold Winter Morning

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One enormous room filled with well-tailored, all-American samples. Two enormous rooms filled with quirky lines from up-and-coming designers. The Steven Alan sale is a monolith, and we're on the scene to watch the madness unfold as it officially opens this morning in Tribeca at 8:30am.

7:42am: Third in line! Man, it's cold out here.

7:48am: When I got here at 7:30 there were two people ahead of me. Four more showed up by 7:40. Now it's up to ten.

8:00am: Lots of people arriving now—more than 50% men. The line starts in the middle of the block and goes all the way to the corner.

8:06am: Steven Alan stuff just got here.

8:11: The first guy in line is wearing a gray wool cape.

8:17: All the men are impeccably dressed, really. There are about 50 people waiting now.

8:18: The woman in front of me is reading an NYMag article about the recession.

8:24: This is madness. It is freezing out here.

8:48am: I'm in! Some names from downstairs: Octopi, Lewis Cho, $60 sweats and $40 shirts and dresses from Laloo, James Boone, Secrets of Charm, Sophie jeans, Pipit, and No.6. Gryson bags are $75 to $25, and there are dresses by Sophie Eugene for as low as $10. It's not too crowded right now—it could be much crazier.

Our adventures continue here.