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Above the Fray: Inside Steven Alan, an Endless Supply of Button-Down Shirts

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One enormous room filled with well-tailored, all-American samples. Two enormous rooms filled with quirky lines from up-and-coming designers. The Steven Alan sale is a monolith, and we're on the scene to watch the madness unfold as it officially opens this morning in Tribeca at 8:30am.

9:25am: Report from the menswear section downstairs: Hyden Yoo button-downs are $30-$60. They've got Lark & Wolf suit jackets for $99 and pants for $49. I saw some $99 cashmere sweaters, Simon Miller Jeans, Gilded Age button-downs and sweaters, and Relwen polos and pants. Also shoes from Sho Folk: $165 to $200 for leather shoes and fancy men's sneakers.

9:30am: I'm upstairs now, and it's much more crowded than downstairs. In the men's section, there are a ton of Steven Alan puffy coats for $200-$300 and some really cool little wool bomber jackets in a variety of colors and patterns for $160. Khakis for like $50, plaid pants for $30. I found a nice sweater for $50 and other shetland wool sweaters for $80. Wool blazers are $350, nice button-downs $125. All the men seem to care about is button-downs—there are a ton of men waiting in line to pay, and they each have at least three. They're definitely replenishing the supply, since there are still a lot of shirts left in all patterns and colors.

9:33am: There are some cute women's button-downs too. It looks like they're $89. Also silk shirts for around $100.

9:53am: It's official: All men’s long-sleeved button downs are $68. I just saw the sign with pricing. More prices: Short-sleeved men's t-shirts are $19, long-sleeved t-shirts are $29. There are ties for $35, boxers for $10, women's ruffle panties for $10, and cashmere scarves for $59. I've also seen women's leather bomber jackets for 350. By the way, the line outside still goes around the block, and the line to pay is about half an hour right now because of all the button-down boys.

10:01am: OK, I'm done. You have to check your stuff when you arrive, and it takes a while to retrieve it. And the line to pay is definitely insane: It's as if the men are all starving and Steven Alan button-downs are their only food.
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