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Above the Fray: Great Deals at ThreeAsFour

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"I don't know what this is, but I totally love it," said a shopper at the ThreeAsFour sale this afternoon, holding up a gray satin-trimmed garment that appeared to be either a dress or a shirt. If you're comfortable with that kind of sartorial uncertainly and looking for something to wear to a holiday party or winter wedding, the sale is a goldmine. We immediately fell for a floaty gray and yellow dress for $111. Other drapey dresses were $222, and one stunning silver and sequined number, the most expensive thing we saw, was $644.

The racks around the sides of the room, which is a glass-walled bar at 77 Delancey (note: the entrance is on Allen), had more expensive merchandise: Heavily seamed denim blazers for $555, bathrobe-shaped coats for $266, and silk dolman-sleeved tops for $222. The sample tables in the middle of the space, though, had much better deals. We found some jeans and skirts for $24, other jeans for $44, and a raft of t-shirts and tank tops for under $30. At the lowest priced table, where everything was $14.44, things dipped into the genuinely weird—lopsided sweatshirts, tiny white booty shorts. (Actually, everything at the sale was tiny, which is worth noting: The biggest jeans we saw were a size 4.)

The mystery garment, by the way, turned out to be a headwrap. The girl who bought it said she'd wear it as a dress anyway.
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