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Thanksgiving Parade Peek: The Harajuku Lovers' Float

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Ever since Gwen Stefani launched her set of five "Harajuku Lovers" fragrances earlier this summer, the faces of her and her four back-up dancers have been everywhere from magazines to special booths on the first floor of Macy's. Well, come the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, they'll be out in full-force, with the dancers gyrating to Gwen's music atop their very own "Tokyo Lights" float.

We dropped by the secret storage area of Macy's parade floats to check it out, and we report that its candy colors, flashing lights and manga appeal will surely have your little niece squealing from the sidelines.

The float itself was created by the Macy's team and approved by Gwen, her people, and Coty. Hand-painted by the Macy's float crew, it's topped off with platforms for the dancers themselves—Baby, Love, Music, and Lil Angel. Should you chance the cold of Thanksgiving morning to see the parade yourself, watch out for this float as there will be street teams dressed in the HL theme handing out samples and cards for gifts with purchase or a chance at a grand prize. Oh Thanksgiving, you are one of our favorite retail holidays of the year.
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