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Clash of the Campaigns: What's the Difference Between "Shop Brooklyn" and "Buy in Brooklyn"?

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[Image via Katmere/Flickr]

Today at the Fulton Mall, borough president Marty Markowitz launches the "Shop Brooklyn" campaign, which is aimed at keeping local dollars from migrated into Manhattan this holiday season. If this sounds familiar, it might be because of Buy in Brooklyn, which appears to be exactly the same thing, only minus Marty. Below, we parse the differences:

Where they're located: Shop Brooklyn is borough-wide. Buy in Brooklyn seems confined to Park Slope.

What they offer: Shop Brooklyn offers pre-Christmas discounts plus "Brooklyn Bonuses" on Black Friday. Buy in Brooklyn holds an annual Snowflake Celebration during which stores keep their doors open until 10pm and offer giveaways and deals. Note: Their list of participating shops includes a lot of restaurants but no Bird, which is one place where we could all use a holiday sale.

When it's happening: The Shop Brooklyn discounts last November 23 through December 21st. The Snowflake Celebration runs the first two Thursdays in December.

Conclusion: Except for the fact that one is Slope-only, they're pretty similar. And weirdly, neither of them seem terribly interested on Williamsburg, where every day is Buy in Brooklyn day. Maybe the 'Burg doesn't need the help?
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