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Collabs: The First Photos of McQueen for Target

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[Images via WWD; click to expand]

A few new bits of information about Alexander McQueen's collection for Target, McQ Alexander McQueen for Target, have emerged today in WWD. We get pricing (all pieces will be under $129.99), and a description of the line from McQueen himself ('The focus of this collection will be younger and more renegade, but always signature McQueen').

We also learn that McQueen wasn't always a fan of Target, or rather, he 'never understood' it. "But the idea of spreading his name appealed to the designer. 'Apart from the East and West Coasts, my company doesn’t have any visibility in the U.S.,' he said. 'I always liked the idea of people in the Midwest wearing my clothes.'" Included with the article are two looks from McQ Alexander McQueen for Target, and an extended description of the line, which sounds very rock 'n roll. And kids, there are McQueen for Target prom dresses. Cue squealing.
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