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Now Open: Midtown's Fossil Unearthed

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In a time when most store interior design seems homogeneous, gems like the new Fossil store on West 34th Street renew our faith in retail. Not only do they carry all of the lines from Fossil, including an entire case full of Starck watches and shelves of product exclusive to their New York stores, but they managed to create a small playland of mid-century modern.

Hearkening back to the design days of the likes of Mad Men and I Dream of Jeannie, all the warm wood and retro touches have you expecting the Brady kids to come bounding down from the store's mezzanine.

As they worked through the summer to reach an opening in this crucial pre-holiday period, Fossil knew they'd be most attractive at this time of the year; we totally just want to curl up in front of a roaring fire with some hot chocolate in the back of their store. As for gifts, Fossil can be a Coach alternative for those feeling the pinch. They've already put items on sale and seem to be successfully attracting down the tourists from the neighboring Empire State Building.