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Now Open: Consortiums Brings Menswear to Bowery and Delancey

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On the way to the Reebok store this morning, we discovered an utterly spotless Delancey Street storefront directly on top of the Bowery J/M/Z station. Consortiums carries simple, cleanly-designed menswear and t-shirts, all of it minimalist but streetwear-inspired. Although the shop sits around the corner from the Reebok pop-up store, the two aesthetics couldn't be more different: Where Reebok is loud, colorful, and forcefully retro, Consortiums is quiet, almost austere, and very modern.

Right now, Consortiums carries a line of simple, $18 white sneakers and two different brands—Well-Played, which is inspired by early '90s staples like Polo and Nautica and obsessive about tailoring, and Procede, which focuses on basics and high-quality fabrics. The store has only been open for four days, though, and they plan to get more merchandise in soon.