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In the Window: Juicy's Hardcore Holiday Tartan

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No, the above images of Juicy Couture's Bleecker Street store are not leftovers from their Halloween display; the gigantic tartan wreath and men in kilts with sock garters are here to herald the arrival of holiday shopping to the West Village.

What's really scary is that mannequins wearing sock garters are the least of our worries with this display. Since this store carries the full line of Juicy Couture for Men (oops, we mean "Dirty English"), the window features several male mannequins all in kilts a la Marc Jacobs circa last month. Also, we have one sporting a phallic fortress hat complete with bird's nest and another channeling Vivienne Westwood. If you manage to pass by all of this unawares, then you're missing out on the absolute best detail: the golden shoe soles with "Smells like Couture" impressed into the bottom. While they're right in implying that their brand of couture smells like feet, we never thought they'd be the ones to admit it.
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