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Discontinued: Dernier Cri Jumps Ship

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It's official: Dernier Cri is leaving MePa by the end of the year, with currently everything in store at least 50% off and stock rapidly dwindling. No word on the future of the space, although we bet it'll either become another upscale sunglasses boutique or be sucked into surrounding Scoop.

For a while, we weren't quite sure what was going on with the store; while closed for renovations after March's "Great Scoop Flood '08," a commenter alerted us to the availability of the address. But they recovered and reopened over the summer, seemingly invincible. Turns out it just wasn't meant to be.
UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter below, we have word that the spot will become the East Coast's first Paige Premium Denim store opening in time for Christmas. They've already posted to Craigslist!

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