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Troubling Times: Mike & Chris Can't Pay the Rent

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The sad case of Mike & Chris, the California-based sportswear brand that abruptly canceled their sample sale yesterday, continues to unfold. Though their PR contact categorically denies that the company is in any trouble—stating that "Mike & Chris is very much still in business" and that the "sample sale was canceled due to a very unfortunate error in shipping"—that doesn't jive with what we've heard from the company's own sales director and a veritable army of tipsters. Today brings more worrying evidence that Mike & Chris is in serious financial trouble: Taped up on the door of their New York showroom at 430 West 14th Street is a "Rent Demand" notice from their landlord stating that M&C Apparel Group (Mike & Chris) owes more than $100,000 in back rent. We've reached out to their publicist for comment, and will bring you more information on this as it develops.
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