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Above the Fray: CDG Went Fast in Midtown

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We'll admit that we weren't sure how many people would turn out for this Comme des Garçons/H&M shindig. Maybe it's just that our job involves reading hundreds of articles about the hurting economy every day, but we sort of thought the crowds would spend the morning sitting in their darkened bedrooms, clutching their piggy banks with one arm and a rifle with the other. We were, to put it gently, wrong.

As you can see from the aerial shots above (not to mention the video), the place was packed, and every single person there was carrying at least six different polka-dot items. The maroon button-downs seemed to hold the highest appeal for both men and women—next to The Dress, that is, which was completely gone by the time we burst through the doors at five after nine. Whenever an H&M staffer appeared with more clothing, he or she was immediately set upon and stripped by a flock of shoppers, all of them shouting things like "I need a size two! Where's a two?" or "Can I have a 10 for my mom?" By the time we left, the floor was covered in navy blue polka-dot cardigans—meaning that if you're absolutely desperate for a CDG piece and you don't mind trample marks, you could probably still pick something up.
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