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Above the Fray: Kid Robot Sale Makes Us Sad

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Last night, when we headed up to the Kid Robot sale in the Garment District, we were sufficiently optimistic and even willing to break out some bills for people on our Christmas list. Pawing through crap items in the bleak space of the sale, however, quickly dashed any hopes we had.

Way in the back of a space hosting other sales (like Mara Hoffman) is a table and three racks of Kid Robot gear, ranging from flimsy girl shirts at the sale price of $25 to unremarkable hoodies for $80. These leftovers were either the most plain or ridiculously garish, in odd sizes, and still pricey. What has the world come to when we can't justify the purchase of a T-shirt with a graphic of pieces of bacon smoking cigarettes? Also, there were no toys and that made us depressed.

Look, we actually find some Kid Robot designs charming and inspired; none of that stuff is at this sale. While you will be harried by young children begging their moms to buy them $40 dresses that look like pajamas, you will not find a treasure trove of cheap collectibles. Oh yea, and they give you trash bags for your purchases at check-out. Classy.
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