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Pop-Up Shops: Reebok to Appear on the Bowery for a Month, Then "Get the Hook"

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[Image via Winick Property Group]

You can't make up this kind of Bowery story: The birthplace of dragging people offstage with an oversized novelty hook is slated to become a Reebok pop-up shop next weekend. 169 Bowery used to be the site of vaudeville house Miner's Theater, which some claim was where the concept of "Get the hook!" was invented. After nearly burning down in 1922, the space turned into a Chinese theater and then eventually became Weiss's hardware store, which optimistically declared "If you can't find it, we have it!" on their signage. Weiss's closed this summer, and now Reebok is taking over the space. Opening November 15 and lasting a month, the shop will sell a different a limited-edition sneaker each week. It'll also carry clothing for men and women and, of course, the Pump.
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