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Forget "Vintage-Inspired": Sales at Actual Thrift Stores Are Booming Right Now

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When the John Derian for Target line debuted during Fashion Week, we were very excited. We scrambled for a Derian vase at the Bullseye Bodega party, and we felt for the poor Brooklyn guy panicking about how to get a "fucking bird tray." But now, with the economy tanking, a faux-antique object created by a high-end designer and sold by a megastore seems kind of frivolous, even though it's cheap.

Suddenly, buying a used vase at a vintage store feels more responsible, fiscally and environmentally. Which is why Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and thrift shops across America are doing quite well for themselves right now. "With consignment you make money, you save money and you recycle," the owner of a North Carolina consignment shop told the AP. Nationwide sales at the Salvo are so high, in fact, that the company is worried about running out of inventory. We didn't even know that was possible.
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