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Sneak Peek: On Tonight's Rachel Zoe Project, Fighting and Styling

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Today's two clips from The Rachel Zoe Project presented us with a moral dilemma. One shows Rachel and her husband Roger fighting about how to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. You get the impression they'd already had the fight earlier and were trying to re-enact it it for the cameras; they both seem totally fake and totally angry at the same time, and it's reality TV at its nastiest. In the other clip, Zoe designs a shoot about "L.A. style." It's not very exciting, but it does prove that she knows her fashion history. So which did we include: The fight, or the one that shows Zoe in a positive light? Actually, we're copping out, Project Runway-style, by refusing to choose. Above, see Zoe fight with her husband. Below, see her talk about the '60s. Everyone wins!