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Discontinued: Did NYU Kill Hub Station Bikes?

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The Hub Station, on 73 Morton Street between Hudson and Greenwich, is no longer with us. The shop offered bike rentals, bike repair, and just plain bikes (both used and new) before last week, when it closed because the landlords doubled the rent. The owner told us that he's keeping the store's phone number and wants to stay in the Village, but he didn't sound hugely optimistic.

Over at NYU Local, one collegiate blogger blames the proximity of Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel, but she also feels personally culpable. "Just as we make businesses thrive, we also cause them to wither up and die. And to be honest, I've learned nothing so far from G-Ho's neighbor, the Archive (and I hate buildings - other than dorms, of course - that have their own names)." But while people like to blame NYU for everything that happens in the Village, this can't be entirely their fault. Don't college kids love bikes?
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