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Coach's Knock-Off Season

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Although we've always known that Coach got the short straw on originality, some of its recent offerings have been blatantly borrowing of other brand's trademarks and ideas. We're attributing it to their desire to really push product this season by going with some best sellers of the past, namely Prada and Emilio Pucci.

When Fashionista alerted us to the obvious purple swirl Prada knock-off (being called an "ombre" bag on Coach's site), we were curious to see the offending purse in person.

[Images via Coach, PurseBlog and]

So we stopped by the Coach store at 595 Madison Avenue and West 57th Street only to find their windows covered in Pucci print. Only it's not Pucci print; it is Coach's new Op Art Collection, an "abstract, geometric pattern" riffing on the Emilio signature. It can also be noted that it looks like "Coco" from across the street. Now maybe we're just nitpicking, but seriously Coach, we can see your fakes from a mile away. It's just not cool.
· Adventures in Copyright: Coach Wishes [Fashionista]

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