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JC Penney Thinking Twice About Manhattan Mall?

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[At left, the Manhattan Mall today. At right, the Mall in June. Click to expand.]

We noticed something strange while walking through Herald Square this afternoon—the exterior of the Manhattan Mall looked bare, and a little sad. That's because the bright red JC Penney signage that was erected over the summer to herald the department store's arrival (slated for summer 2009) has been removed. We entered and took the elevator downstairs, then to the upper levels and found no traces of JC Penney anywhere. We assume this is an indication that the deal's off—why else would they take all the signage down?—but anyone with more info should send it our way. Sadly, this means city dwellers will have to head to Newport Centre in New Jersey to get ahold of that cheap Charlotte Ronson collection. And to think, the the only Arby's in town died for this.
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