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Shopping the Personals: Special Halloween Edition

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It's time again for Shopping The Personals, a recurring Racked feature wherein we comb through the retail-based Missed Connections listings on Craigslist.

Halloween makes people more friendly. Nearly everyone celebrates it, and nearly everyone humiliates themselves in the process—two factors that help dismantle all the social walls that usually prevent strangers from chatting each other up. Just before Halloween, though, people tend to be excited but shy, which might explain the preponderance of costume-shopping Missed Connections on Craigslist this week. Our favorites:

1.) Williamsburg: "You were working. (Buffalo Xchange). I was shopping. I was staring, and you were looking back. You were wearing your Halloween costume...Both of us were too shy to ask for names/numbers...." [Listing]

2.) Chelsea: "I was at the Salvation Army store on 23rd St with my friend last night looking for Halloween costume stuff. We were in the women's section downstairs and you were trying on a gray sweater. I looked at you and you started vigorously giving me a thumbs up. My friend looked up from what she was looking at and you stopped and looked away, like nothing had happened. What was that all about? Were you asking for my opinion? Were you hitting on me? Were you just crazy? Let me know." [Listing]

3.) Last but certainly not least, Gramercy:

Dear Sir,
I wanted to thank you for the entertainment yesterday (10/29/08) at Abracadabra. I've never seen anyone try to buy a vagina and furthermore, I've never seen or even thought of the shenanagans that could proceed such request.
I regret that I had to leave just before you had finished your quest of finding that perfect vagina for your costume. My question is...what is your costume this Halloween? It appeared from your request that you would be carrying said vagina around in your pocket. Are you going to be Eddie Murphy from Delirious? (Pussy falling out of his pocket bit?) Have you purchased the red leather outfit and accompanying gold chain? That'd be tight!
Anyway, I'd love to find out. Hope you found a good vagina, and that it treats you well tomorrow night.—Isaiah [Listing]