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Rumormongering: New Grocery to Open on Driggs?

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We've been looking at this site at the corner of N. 11 St. and Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg for the longest time, wondering what in heck was going to happen to the space. It's been the home of one of the neighborhood's second-hand furniture and junk spots for a long time, but was also sporting a "for lease" sign for most of the spring and summer. A month or so back, work started on the interior. Now, a tipster writes:

the building manager at my office tells me that the warehouse across the street is going to be a grocery store. whole foods? i don't know any other two-story grocery stores and it would be a prime location (corner of n. 11th and driggs), with warehouse 11 or whatever it's called opening soon a block away and the new 6 to 8 story condos going up in the toxic waste dump/former parking lot next door.
There's 10,000 square feet on the ground floor and 10,000 up top (with low ceiling), so we're doubting the Whole Foods thing, but the grocery? Entirely plausible.

· 460 Driggs Avenue [Winnick Realty]