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Perhaps you've noticed the mysterious "See the world through Ana's eyes" ads around town, and perhaps like us you've assumed they were some sort of PSA about eating disorders. Well, it turns out Ana's last name is not "Rexia" but "Tzarev." She's the Croatia-born "owner of the soon-to-open Ana Tzarev Gallery on West 57th Street. But unlike Goodman or Gladstone, Tzarev is not a gallerina; she’s an artist. She has masterminded the 15,000-square-foot space — complete with an Apple store-like elevator at its core — as a retail temple dedicated solely to showcasing her own work (and, occasionally, that of her sister)." Ana is apparently multi-talented: She also "opened New Zealand’s answer to Marshall Fields, built it into a national chain, then unsentimentally dismantled the company for its real-estate value." [The Moment]