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Above the Fray: Dolce & Gabbana is a Sale Safari

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After canvassing two floors, sifting through over a hundred racks and taking just as many pictures, the D&G sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea leaves us needing some R+R. It has everything: shoes for men and women, bags for men and women, small leather goods, keychains, belts, lingerie, swimwear, kids clothing, kids shoes, outerwear, evening wear, skimpy clubwear, menswear and an entire floor devoted to womenswear.

While some items are marked down as low as 90% off, their original retail prices were around $4000, meaning your credit card may be in for a serious beatdown if you love D&G. It's a sea of Dolce; the sheer amount of stock could easily fill twenty boutiques. Granted, the sale has only been raging for one day now, but the lack of a line and the manageable amount of leisurely shoppers inside indicate that a healthy selection should hold out the week.

Our suggestion: Do not go if you cannot afford to be tempted, otherwise it is the ideal spot for men to pick up a few surprise lingerie gifts for Christmas or to treat themselves to some flashy kicks. For more details and way more items of skankliciousness, check out the 25-strong image gallery above.
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Metropolitan Pavillion

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