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Lineblogging: Olsens Hugely Influential at B&N

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Our correspondent has made it into the Olsen twins' signing, and as long as she's not caught violating any of the nine rules, she'll be sending us updates as the event unfolds. It begins:

12:14pm: They aren't here yet. I think they are in the SUV idling outside the store.

12:16pm The girls next to me are skipping class for this.

12:26pm: I think they're here. The paps are going crazy up there.

12:30pm: They don't want their pictures taken together. It looks like Ashley is standing to the side while Mary Kate gets attacked by the paparazzi.

12:32pm: Line is moving.

12:36pm: New rule: You have to take your coat off before you get on stage. Are they worried about PETA?

12:41pm: Turns out the Olsens weren't actually here before—the paparazzi were taking pictures of the empty stage. They just walked in with a little entourage and everyone went crazy. The paparazzi are shouting "Mary-Kate!" and "Ashley!" and people are freaking out. Also, they're playing really loud rock and roll, adding to the chaos. You'd be surprised how much of the crowd is middle-aged. No clear sign of PETA yet, but I did spot one guy who looks freegan.

12:53pm: Signing has begin. Paparazzi had to leave.

1:02pm: Line is moving fast. They're very efficient.

1:04pm: Girl behind me: "I'm an Ashley girl, but I like the Mary Kate cover!" Small wail. By the way, that loud soundtrack is all classic rock—they're now playing "Simple Kind of Man."

1:13pm: Ashley's hair is combed and straight and organized and she's wearing a cream top. MK's is boho and mussed and wavy and she's wearing a black top. Both are smiley—they don't look completely pissed off about being here.
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