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RackedWire: Uniqlo's Paradigm-Shifting Human Vending Machine; A New Flea Market in Bed-Stuy

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This is what a human vending machine looks like, apparently (via Uniqlo)

TIMES SQUARE—Depending on who you ask, Uniqlo's "human vending machine" stunt will either be the "best promotion ever" (The Cut) or will "ruin shopping forever" (Gizmodo). At least both agree that the repercussions will be felt for a long, long time. The promotion consists of Uniqlo reps in silver bodysuits who heat-scan shoppers' bodies and then induce mimes to do a little dance. In the end, everyone gets new innerwear (which we suspect means "underwear") from the company's new Heat Tech line. Be in Times Square November 18 at 1pm if you want to see shopping history altered...forever. [Gizmodo; The Cut]

BED-STUY—Much like the return of grunge, the rise of the Brooklyn flea market is a recent trend that continues to make sense even in these new, lean times. The newest will open in November in an indoor space at Bedford and Lafayette Avenues, just on top of the G train. All weekend long, some 30 vendors "will be selling vintage furniture, designer jewelry, art, high-end new and used clothing." [Gowanus Lounge]

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