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What on Earth Did the RNC Buy at Avant-Guard Boutique Atelier?

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Would the First Dude fancy a cape? Three items from Atelier's website

By far the strangest part of the controversy surrounding Sarah Palin's $150,000 wardobe bill is the $4,902.45 supposedly spent by the Republican National Committee at arty Soho men's store Atelier. As one Racked commenter asked, did Todd need "a weird Japanese cardigan?" Well, the plot thickens: According to the Times, Atelier's owner Karlo Steel can't find any records of that sum being spent at the store this fall , nor any records of sales that would add up to that amount. Also, "because the store carries aggressively directional men’s wear, he caters to a small clientèle and knows most of his customers by name, as well as the history of their purchases." Translation: If a representative of the RNC wandered in and began sizing Yohji Yamamoto pants, Steel would notice.
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