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In the Window: Chanel's (Quilted Leather) Bag of Tricks

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Just in case you haven't about it from every news outlet already, Karl Lagerfeld and Zaha Hadid's museum ode to the classic Chanel purse is in town. Even if you don't plan on making it up to Central Park to tour the UFO-like structure, Chanel wants you to be surrounded by it nonetheless.

Stroll through Midtown and you might catch their 2,000-square foot banner illegally placed above their flagship, or hit your favorite websites only to see their flash advertisement tempting you from a corner. Still, they've really outdone themselves with the displays in their store windows.

Mannequins sans clothing and shoes pose with only the Chanel quilted bag in hand, but look closer and you realize that it is actually a quilted leather frame, containing a flatscreen TV. Playing the construction of the Mobile Art Container on loop along with an ad for the $30,000 limited edition, Karl-signed purse, the cases are works of advertising art. For anyone who remembers 2005's Chanel TV belt, which played ads for Chanel No. 5 perfume, the similarity is striking. As with the belts, one is left wondering what will happen to these items when the event is over; but since toting one of these qualifies as heavy-lifting, we can bet they'll be relegated to the back of Karl's closet.
[These windows don't make for the best photos, but check out Modelizing for a whole slew of better shots.]
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