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RackedWire, All Greenpoint Edition: Fred Flare's Opening Party, Jan and Äya's Design Conference

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[Image via Refinery29]

GREENPOINT—Fred Flare has technically been operating for a little while now, soft-launch–style, but the store officially celebrates its birth with an opening party tomorrow night. Starting at 7pm at 131 Meserole Avenue, drink champagne, eat snacks, and peruse all sorts of little items that are even cuter than they are cheap. [Refinery29; Previously]

GREENPOINT—North Brooklyn's all about the adorable items this weekend. This Saturday, October 25, and again next Saturday, November 1, design shop Jan & Äya hosts the first annual Greenpoint Design Conference. From 6pm to 8pm at 99 Franklin Street, meet local designers and listen as they discuss their work. [Racked Inbox]

Fred Flare

131 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Visit Website