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A.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone Else

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Back in July, news broke that cult retailer A.P.C., known for their excellent denim, would be releasing a line of jeans called Butler Worn Out. The idea: shoppers who love that worn-in look but hate the lengthy process to achieve it can now buy pre-worn jeans. Well, the pants are now in store at the Mercer Street boutique. According to a release written by A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou, people who like the crisp feel and dark color of unworn denim can trade their broken-in dungarees for a new pair at half-price. The used pair will then be marked with the initials of its donor, washed, ironed "inside and out" and resold. The name Butler Worn Out, is, according to Touitou, "an ironic allusion to an era when personal fulfillment was not achieved by wearing brand-new clothing."
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