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Sneak Peek: "The City" Tries to Fill Project Runway Void with Whitney Port

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The latest Project Runway news is, unsurprisingly, grim: Lifetime has moved its lawsuit claiming control of the show from state to federal court, which will only slow the launch of the sixth season even further. Worse, the West Coast set-up already seems as fake as The Hills. Instead of filming at the L.A. branch of fabric store and show staple Mood, which is about an hour from the set, the crew just staged a faux Mood at another fabric store. If they're going to do that, why not slap a gray wig on some out-of-work actor and send Tim Gunn home too?

The good news, such that it is, involves the aforementioned Least Real Reality Show Ever. On December 29, MTV begins airing The City, which follows the continued adventures of Hills mainstay Whitney Port as she moves to New York to work for Diane von Furstenberg. It's no Project Runway, not even sad fake future L.A. Project Runway, but it is a show about designers in New York, so we're sure we'll be following it anyway.
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