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RackedWire: Comptoir des Cotonniers Wants to Meet Your Mom; Zaha's Pavilionesque Shoes

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Above, Comptoir ads from previous years

SOHO—Simple, chic French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers has a history of using real (as in, non-model) mother-daughter pairs in their ad campaigns over on the other side of the Atlantic. Now that they've landed in New York, they're looking for méres et filles Américaines. "On Sunday October 26th from 3pm to 7pm, Comptoir des Cotonniers will be hosting at their NYC flagshop its first casting of mother and daughter pairs in America," reads a very exciting note that just appeared in our inbox. Get picked, and they'll fly you to Paris for a photo shoot. [Racked Inbox]

EVERYWHERE—You've seen the orb, now buy the shoes! We're not sure Zaha Hadid's aesthetic translates to footwear, but we do think these Lacoste sneakers she co-designed look a lot like the Pavilion. [Hype Beast]