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Project Runway User's Guide: The Final Countdown

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[Images via Bravo]

Last night's episode was supposed to settle, once and for all, which three designers would show at Bryant Park. If it had been put to a vote in the designing room, the newly-formed clique of Jerrell, Leanne, and Korto would have dispatched Kenley immediately—but then who would we have to complain about? Personalities aside, nobody really stood out this episode. Challenged to create an evening gown using flowers from the NY Botanical Garden as inspiration, they all turned in jewel-toned missteps. Here's how it broke down:

Feud of the week: Kenley versus the other designers. When she left her tulle at Mood, Jerrell and Korto decided not to let her borrow theirs, even though both had leftovers. (Korto actually hid hers.) Then, when Heidi asks each designer to name two others worthy of Bryant Park, Leanne, Jerrell, and Korto all use the opportunity to get in digs at Kenley.

Most annoying contestant: At this point, it's no contest. Kenley did try to excuse her attitude by telling us that she spent half her childhood out at sea with her tugboat captain father. Miles offshore, with only the seagulls as friends, she learned to squawk indignantly whenever anyone got in her way.

Best smackdown: It's a tie. From Kenley: "Korto: I don't like anything she does. I don't like what any of the designers do. Jerell throws a bunch of glamorous shit together and it looks like a crafts project. Leanne, she does pleated details. With a muted color palette. That's been done." And from Korto: "If you have an ugly attitude it just makes you ugly, and then it makes everything you make ugly."

This week's loser/biggest surprise: They couldn't decide who to send home, so all four contestants will design for Bryant Park, and then they'll boot one in a semi-finals round. The surprise is not that the producers did this, but that they did it again. Maybe they should just build it in to the contest?

This week's winner: Jerrell, whose maroon, bedazzled gown was "elegant with an edge," according to the judges.

Designers who cried: About halfway through the episode, Leanne started the waterworks. Then Jerrell cried. And then Korto cried. Crying montage! For the next half hour, everyone sobbed nonstop.

Designers who were robbed: We're coming to terms with the fact that our taste is not Jerrell's taste, but even so, his creation struck us as matronly. Leanne should have had this one.