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Above the Fray: Run, Don't Walk, to the Mischen Sample Sale

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The blogger at Eep! Ramblings visited the Mischen sample sale today and liked what she saw. (She also noted that we got the address wrong: It's 255, not 225, W. 36th Street.) Her full report:

I bought a sweater vest for $30 because I ran out of the house so quickly that I didn't realize it's actually chilly today. I also bought the fiery crimson version of the skirt I'd been stalking for ages. The skirt was actually chosen by Eric Daman of Gossip Girl styling fame for Revolveclothing's top fall 2008 looks. I freaked out because I knew that Revolve wouldn't put the skirt on sale and I'd never be able to buy it (it costs $294 for christ's sake), but lo and behold, the sample sale had a handful in my size, for a mere $55. Holla.
Anyway, go to the sale NOW and TODAY, while it's neat and sizes are plentiful (0-8, with the majority being the sample size of 4). The two girls running the sale are very helpful (one helped me attempt to pull on a top), and the clothes (mostly silk tops, skirts and dresses, plus vintage pieces from their archives) were actually organized by size and not all ravaged.
You heard the lady: NOW and TODAY are the times to stop by.
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