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Marshalls Goes Gossip Girl in Union Square

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Despite the blustery morning, hundreds descended on the south side of Union Square to meet Gossip Girl's Blair, Leighton Meester, and to donate old shoes in exchange for some newer, trendier ones.

As part of Marshalls' "Shop Til It Stops" campaign against domestic violence, where they pledge $1 for every pair of shoes sold in-store for the next two weeks, Leighton walked the runway and donated a pair of shoes to join the shoe tree sculpture.

For the first hour, the crowd was mainly paparazzi trying to get a good shot of Leighton's feet; finally the focus turned to the shoe donation and giveaway where anyone donating a pair would receive new shoes from Marshalls' new "Shoe MegaShop" department.

As the line rivaled that of the Hermes sale in length, we wandered around and discovered the Marshall's shoe-mobiles. What they will do with these things after the event is anyone's guess, but we hope they paint them pink and auction them off to the most obnoxious Sex and the City fan.
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