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RackedWire: Halloween Costumes at American Apparel; A Ping-Pong Tournament on the L.E.S.

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[Images via California Select/eBay]

THE INTERNET—American Apparel is already the default Halloween costume shop for a lot of (well-proportioned) people: Put a blue leotard over red tights, and voila! you're Supergirl. Now, they've made it possible to buy actual costumes at their California Select eBay store. Because it's American Apparel, options include "Las Vegas Grandma" (wacky print top) and "Texas Grandma" (wacky metallic print top.) You can also dress as a defeated football player or a defeated boxer, because winning at sports is for squares.

LOWER EAST SIDE—This Saturday, October 4th, at 7pm, eighteen athletes will undertake the ultimate ping-pong challenge. That's right: It's time for the L.E.S. Cup, held by the ping-pong fiends from Grand Opening (also known as 139 Norfolk; also known as Pong.) A lawyer, a security guard, a musician, and fifteen others will go head-to-head in the attempt to become the table tennis champion of the Lower East Side. The event takes place at 107 Suffolk Street on the second floor; beer and wine will be served. [139 Norfolk]