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Epic Lineblog: Waiting on Prada

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Today, with elbows sharpened, we face the intense dealhunt otherwise known as the Prada sale taking place through Friday at 609 W 51st Street. Prepare yourselves—it's going to be a wild ride.

8:33am: I'm here! The girls who are first in line arrived at 6:30am. There is a BITTER wind coming off the river. Forgot how cold it gets over here. Line is the length of the whole block between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues.

8:48am: Pretty quiet over here. Nothing's happening yet. The line now extends around the corner.

8:55am: Girls in front of me were just talking about a friend who wore Prada shoes to another sale. She took them off to try something on, and another shopper snagged them.

8:56am: The crowd here is heavily female. Lots of cute coats. Everyone seems cold.

9:12am: Line was completely still until a few minutes ago, then I heard all this cheering and it began to move. I just advanced about ten feet. It is still just brutally cold here. Cabs keep arriving to unload people. Guess this isn't a subway-taking crowd.

9:13am: As of right now, I've seen two toddlers. I wouldn't want to be burdened with a small child at this thing.

9:28am: We've moved maybe 30 yards. Turns out this is in Prada's office building.

9:33am: Ha! Just saw someone farther up in line hop in a cab. Guess she gave up.

9:38am: Line has stopped moving.

9:50am: A guy just came out from the sale. He said that there are no handbags at all, but there are shoes. He bought pants, his wife bought a dress. Said the men's selection was alright.

9:58am: The guy at the front of the line says he let in the first 120 people and is letting in more as they come out. Sale is on the seventh floor—there's an elevator that takes you up.

10:02am: Just spoke with a woman who was the first person in there. She said the dresses were half-off. There are a bunch of coats. The shoes are $150, they are all spring shoes (lot of cork sandals). There are no small leather goods, so if you're looking for a little gifty item, head elsewhere. And Miu Miu fans: they've only got one rack of clothing for you. There are two dressing rooms and they are pretty big, so they're having multiple people go in at once.

10:20am: Very disgruntled man: "There is a rack about this big"—holds hands shoulder-width apart—"with a choice of white or tan pants. And that's it for men."

10:22am: Guy just came down to tell us that there's a mandatory bag check upstairs.

10:30am: Uh oh: Woman who just emerged said they're almost out of shoes.

10:35am: Hot dog guy just set up at the front of the line. Very clever, but he should be further back—nobody's going to want to bring food into the sale.

10:40am: Finally, after two hours, at the front of the line! Guard says he's let in 230 people so far.

10:45am: I'm in!

The madness continues: Click here for a report from inside the sale.

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