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Hangover Observations: Loafermania at the Sartorialist/Gant Party

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Preppy all-American company Gant recently asked Sartorialist Scott Schuman to photograph ten New Yorkers in outfits put together from their new fall/winter collection. The results are currently on display at the Gant flagship at 645 Fifth Avenue at 51st Street, and last night we stopped by the opening party to check them out. Our observations:

1.) We spotted several men wearing the Sartorialist's trademark outfit: A navy blazer, rolled jeans, and loafers. Our favorite had longish wavy hair and stood over six feet tall—physically, he couldn't have been more different from Schuman, but that didn't stop him from borrowing the look.

2.) Speaking of borrowing someone else's style but radically changing the scale, the Gant flagship is basically a mini-Guggenheim, with a huge white curving staircase linking the first and second floor. Instead of modern art, though, the staircase is currently lined with an exhibit on the history of Gant.

3.) The Sartorialist himself wore a dark blazer and dark vest, stiff cuffed jeans, and brown leather shoes with square, pointed toes. In case you were wondering.

Gant is selling the photos in a silent auction, with the proceeds going to benefit the Children's Defense Fund. The exhibit will stay up until October 30, so there's still plenty of time to stop by.
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