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Now Open: Providenza Joins N .6th Shopping Strip in the 'Burg

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Stephanie Cammarata knows shoes: She used to run Williamsburg boutique Archangela, and she was the buyer for the shoe section of recently-departed Ylli. Now, she's expanding her fashion repertoire to include the rest of the body with Providenza, which just opened at 48 N. 6th Street. Providenza carries clothes and accessories by local and indie labels like Due Farina, Devotte, and Hayden-Harnett. Right now, it's women-only, but there are plans for a men's line next spring. Did N. 6th Street, the home of Built by Wendy, Noisette, Sleep, A&G Merch, and Future Perfect, really need another clean white boutique full of well-designed goods? Probably not. But since when does "need" have anything to do with it?
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