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The Gym that's a Bar, and Other Useful Info from the Voice's Best Of New York Issue

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The Village Voice's Best of New York issue came out this week, complete with a fat Shops & Services section full of recommendations. The online format leaves something to be desired (you have to click on each of the 37 items to read the blurb, which is a lot of clicking), but it contains some useful information if your thumbs are up for it. For example, were you aware that Fort Greene's Habana Outpost has an exercise bike hooked up to a blender? Work out hard enough, and you'll get a margarita. There's also a tiny Japanese cosmetics shop in the East Forties (Raku-Za) that seems intriguing, good advice about how to get an affordable rug at A.B.C. Carpet & Home, and a mention of this very helpful-sounding little website that lists local sales information.
· Best of Shops and Services [VV]