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Troubling: Dimples Kids Spa Opens

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A spa opened recently at 91 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. No biggie, except that the place, named Dimples Kids Spa, is a beauty retreat for children. What a godsend for the neighborhood. A local tipster emails, "I went by my favorite neighborhood curiosity today, Dimples Kids Spa. I didn't have a camera with me, but I wanted to take a photo of the services list. It's written with crayon I think." Thankfully, they have a website that lists what they offer: crucial aesthetic services for children like baby mani/pedis, hair flat ironing, and chocolate and strawberry-honey facials. Also, tattoos, which we assume are of a temporary ilk.

It is just never too early to get girls hooked on unnecessary beauty treatments, is it? If this Brooklyn Heights Blog comment thread is any indication, the community hasn't exactly given the spa a warm welcome.
· Dimples Kids Spa [Official Site]